February 16, 2018

Their love of school.

Hello everyone! Im here to share with you a fun project life with a whole of love! Being Valentines day this week, I thought I should a project life page with 'love' being the inspiration. When we think of love, 80% of the time we might think of our partner, husband or spouse. For me, my thoughts turned to my kids this time.

My middle child is always leaving little 'love notes' around the house for everyone. "I love you Daddy" "Your the best ever"... those sort of sweet notes. A lot of these notes he does is when he comes either home from school or on the school bus.  I then turned my thoughts to their love for school. Now, don't get me wrong, love for school is not always there! Promise!! Tee hee But I wanted to make sure I documented the things that the kids come and tell me about school.

The love of the library, their sweet little friends and even the little conversations we have in the car whilst waiting to go to school.  These little times in their lives, is something I probably don't document enough, but there important part to 'their' story in life, part of their love story.

I loved the Hip kit Club January  exclusive project life cards, because they truly fit in with any love theme, any story we want to document. So I hope that as we see a whole of love this week, that we also think of the other little forgotten things that bring us joy and share the love. I hope this inspires you with your Project life kit today!


February 8, 2018

1, 2 ,3 lets paint...

 Morning :)

I'm super excited to be sharing my first project using the January Hip kit. Its so vibrant and not to mention the amazing exclusive products in there. Love love LOVE :) 
As normal, I used the colour kit and had a lot of fun. With the distress inks and the Vicki boutin watercolour stickers I used a paint brush and treated the ink pad like paint and it works so well. I just add some ink onto the brush and then put it in some water that I had on some plastic to make it easier to move it around on the stickers. (Be sure to watch to my process video so you can understand what Im trying to say! tee hee )

I had lots of fun then layering in embellishments and papers and would have to say this page is one of my favorites and is now hanging on my wall :) 
Pull out your colour kit and inks and I challenge you to try it with a paintbrush!
Have a fun creative weekend.

February 1, 2018

Dont worry be happy!

Hello, Felicity here.  I have a super fun page here today using the Hip kit December kit.  I loved using the empheria from the kits, so bright and colourful. Not to mention the Shimmerz that makes everything really pop on the cardstock.  I kept true to my layering style with lots of embellishing and had to use that beautiful yellow pom pom frame.
I finished off with backing my page and a few more layers around the edge which really make this page pop. I love how this turned out. 
Hope this inspires you to use your kit and create more beautiful things.

Here is the process video. Sorry its short, but my video camera battery went flat... rookie error :(

January 26, 2018

Mini album and three little ones.

I was smitten with the exclusive papers in the Hip Kit December kit, that I had to create a cute little mini album.  I had these photos taken in the space of a few minutes. Shows so many different characters of the kiddos.
I enjoyed putting this together, just treating each page like a card with lots of stitching and embellishments. 

January 22, 2018

start of 2018 Project Life

I'm so excited to share that i will be continuing my project life for twenty -eighteen. This, I think is my 6th year.. don't quote me that, because I've lost count. Tee Hee.
I enjoy project life and there is no thought of not doing it this year. 

Let me share 3 Tips that help me do this throughout the year and a few things that will help me complete it more effectively.

Tip 1: Take photos. I know that's a no brainier and bit of a 'duh' moment. But I found last year, my photos had back off a little bit. I took more photos of my daughter than of my boys, therefore meaning that I didn't actually find in twenty seventeen that I had a lot of photos of them :( So instead of me saying, "I'm going to take a photo everyday this year"  - because I'm setting myself up for failure. I wake each morning with an intention to take a photo of something in that day to tell my story. So take photos and have a daily intention to take one.

Tip 2: I always have a tray with my Hip Kit club kit in it, so each day I plan 'me' time. I spend 15 mins a day on recording a memory. It simply mean printing the photo or sticking in the picture the kids drew. 

Tip 3: Keep true to why your doing project life. For me, I'm preserving memories and freezing the moment so my grey hair doesn't fail me! 

Who's doing project life with me??

January 15, 2018

bright flowers to brighten your day

 I love the vicki boutin embellishments in the Hip kit December kit. Their so vibrant and so fun and whats great is they go perfectly with the exclusive papers from the kit too.  I loved being able to layer the embellishments around my photo and to use the sticker sentiments as my journalling.  Let's  not forget the paper clips too.